TMM004: Metastabilian artists explore, employ an express their works via compelling, valuable new information about the human brain~mind.

TMM001: The Metastabilian Movement is a creative~discovery awareness~pursuit of the Squiggle Sense of The Complementary Nature, co-founded by artist~painter Drazen Pavlovic and artist~neuroscientist David Engstrøm.

TMM002: The Metastabilian Movement is grounded in the philosophy of complementary pairs as described in J.A Scott Kelso &. David Engstrøm’s book, “The Complementary Nature” (MIT Press, 2006).

TMM003: The Metastabilian Movement is grounded in the science of Coordination Dynamics pioneered by eminent neuroscientist J. A. Scott Kelso.

TMM005: But TMM isn't only an art movement. Awakening~wielding the squiggle sense is a birthright of metastable~complementary sentience, and so is relevant to all field~levels of human interest and endeavor.

TMM006: awareness~pursuit leads to a vast and mostly uncharted frontier for creativity~inspiration, and hails the dawn of a new phase of human understanding, research~development, advancement and appreciation.