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David Engstrøm
(DE) is the Co-founder of The Metastabilian Movement (with Drazen Pavlovic). Neuroscientist, Professional musician, Painter, Digital Designer, Metastabilian Muse. Co-author of "The Complementary Nature (MIT Press, 2006). Since 1991, has worked with JAS Celso to develop an abiding conceptual link between complementary pairs (squiggles; yin~yang, Dialectic) and Coordination Dynamics. Co-discoverer (along with JAS Kelso) of The Squiggle Sense. 
The Metastabilian Movement
is a creative~discovery awareness~pursuit of the squiggle sense of the complementary naturevia appreciation~expression of complementary pairs of dynamic, inextricable complementary aspects (squiggles for short) entailing and entailed by coordination dynamics. The Movement was co-founded in 2011 by David Engstrøm and Drazen Pavlovic, the first Metastabilian artists, in the novel effort to reconcile art and science via an appreciation of the complementary nature grounded in the phenomena and paradigm of coordination dynamics. Coordination dynamics is the newer science of coordination, named, pioneered and documented in hundereds of peer-reviewed articles by eminent neuroscientist J. A. Scott Kelso
Drazen Pavlovic
Co-founder of The Metastabilian Movement. Professional, award-winning artist~painter from Varaždin, Croatia. Owner of Atelier Pavlowich Art Studio. 32 solo exhibitions and more than 150 group exhibitions in Croatia, Hungary, Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Participated in over 96 artistic workshops and symposiums. "In my playing with light and pigment, the structure of the painting surface is always open new spaces, in which anything is possible. Spheres float~travel. They are born, die and reborn. I pursue a search of light, light of the human soul, in a quest for truth."
The Squiggle Sense
(TSS) Sixth Sense of the complementary nature. Metastable mode of Coordination Dynamics at the sentient level; metastable brain~mind perception~action. The squiggle sense senses the dynamics, inextricability and complementarity of complementary pairs, that is, is stimulated by the "coordinated dance" of complementary aspects. Once intentionally engaged, such inextricable dynamic complementarity is difficult, if impossible, to ignore. A person that has awakened and engages their squiggle sense to be inspired by, explore, appreciate and intentionally engage the complementary nature of themselves and their world is called "Metastabilian".
Complementary Pairs (Squiggles)
The Squiggle Sign
Coordination Dynamics
(CD) is the science of coordination that describes, explains and predicts how patterns of coordination form, adapt, persist and change in living things. In CD, parts communicate via mutual information exchange and information is meaningful and specific to the forms coordination takes. CD embraces both spontaneous self-organizing tendencies and the need to guide or direct them in specific ways in a single conceptual framework. Life, brain, mind and behavior are hypothesized to be linked by virtue of sharing a common underlying coordination dynamics. - JAS Kelso
J A Scott Kelso
(JASK) is the Founder, Director and Professor of Complex Systems and Brain Sciences; Professor of Psychology. Holds the Glenwood and Martha Creech Chair in Science at Florida Atlantic University. Biological Sciences and Biomedical Science Team Leader of the Human Brain and Behavior Laboratory (HBBL). Research interests: The problem of coordination in living things; connecting levels of brain and behavior through theory and experiment; principles and mechanisms of coordination dynamics (e.g. in sensorimotor integration, learning, perception, language, and development) using brain imaging (EEG, MEG, fMRI) and behavioral measures. Co-author along with David Engstrøm of The Complementary Nature (MIT Press, 2006)...
The Complementary Nature
(TCN) Why do we divide our world into contraries? Why do we perceive and interpret so many of life's contraries as mutually exclusive, either/or dichotomies such as individual vs. collective, self vs. other,body vs. mind, nature vs. nurture, cooperation vs. competition? We contend that ubiquitous contrarieties of human experience are actually inextricable, dynamic complementary aspects, whose existence and phenomenology are thoroughly grounded in in the science of coordination called coordination dynamics. The book, "The Complementary Nature" by Kelso and Engstrøm nominates the squiggle sign "~", as the symbolic expression for complementary pairs reconciled with coordination dynamics. Examples of complementary pairs using the squiggle symbol individual~collecctive, self~other, body~mind, nature~nurture and cooperation~competition, which expresses the inextricable dynamic complementary nature of a given pair of so-called, "complementary aspects".

© 2011-1015, Engstrøm & Pavlovic

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