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The Complementary Nature

The Complementary Nature
(TCN) Why do we divide our world into contraries? Why do we perceive and interpret so many of life's contraries as mutually exclusive, either/or dichotomies such as individual vs. collective, self vs. other,body vs. mind, nature vs. nurture, cooperation vs. competition? We contend that ubiquitous contrarieties of human experience are actually inextricable, dynamic complementary aspects, whose existence and phenomenology are thoroughly grounded in in the science of coordination called coordination dynamics. The book, "The Complementary Nature" by Kelso and Engstrøm nominates the squiggle sign "~", as the symbolic expression for complementary pairs reconciled with coordination dynamics. Examples of complementary pairs using the squiggle symbol individual~collecctive, self~other, body~mind, nature~nurture and cooperation~competition, which expresses the inextricable dynamic complementary nature of a given pair of so-called, "complementary aspects".

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