• Definition: ‘Mtsbwy’—Acronym for “May the squiggle be with you!” Greeting~farewell of Metastabilians, whose fond hope is that one’s squiggle sense, that is, one’s sixth sense of the complementary nature, remains active and engaged.

  • The either/or syndrome: polarization > intransigence > intolerance > hubris > polarization … Everyday quote: “My way or the highway…”

  • Schrødinger~Heisenberg, wave mechanics~particle physics: Bohr attempts to reconcile in Copenhagen Interpretation of QM… is an example of Bohr employing hus ‘squiggle sense’…

  • TSS001: A modality of metastable~complementary sentience, the squiggle sense is relevant to all field~levels of human interest and endeavor…

  • Not only an art movement: Awakening~wielding the squiggle sense is a birthright of metastable~complementary sentience.

  • TMM003– “The Squiggle Sense and The Complementary Nature it senses are scientifically~philosophically grounded in the science of Coordination Dynamics pioneered by eminent neuroscientist J. A. Scott Kelso…”

  • The importance of the phrase, “grounded in Coordination Dynamics…”

  • “TMM, TSS and TCN are grounded in the Philosophy of Complementary Pairs and science of Coordination Dynamics, as described in Kelso & Engstrøm’s book, “The Complementary Nature”…”

  • Creative awareness~pursuits of the squiggle sense of the complementary nature…

  • Metastabilians explore~entail Metastabilion. Metastabilion entail~explore metastabilians… ~;)

  • How many squiggles are there? How many complementary pairs? What is the complementary nature of the grand~banal individual~collective squiggle dance itself~other? What is the way forward~behind of the realized Metastabilians, those who realize the significance, the significance of that realization, and the realization of THAT realization, and that… and that… and that…?

  • “Those who know do not speak. Those who speak do not know.”

    ― Lao Tsu, Tao Teh Ching

  • Welcome to Squigglespeak, a comment stream for anything to do with TMM and TMM website… 👍😎

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    (TSS) "Sixth Sense” of The Complementary Nature, to the dynamic ‘yin~yang’ dance of inextricable complementary aspects. It is a modality present in every human nervous system. Ironically, most remain unaware, are ‘blind’ to its existence and crucial role it plays in their daily lives. The ‘Metastabilians’ seek to awaken and engage their Squiggle Sense to wield it in their life pursuits in any field, at any level of interest. Metastable brain~mind perception~action. The Squiggle Sense is a modality of ‘relative phase’—produced by and sensitive to the Coordination Dynamics. The Complementary Nature, the inextricability, complementarity of complementary pairs, the "coordinated dance" of complementary aspects. Once intentionally engaged, awareness of such inextricable dynamic complementarity is the essence of “Eureka moments”. A person that has awakened and engages their squiggle sense to be inspired by, explore, appreciate and intentionally engage the complementary nature of themselves and their world we call Metastabilian."