Metastabilian Artist~Scientist

Co-founder of The Metastabilian Movement. Artist~Scientist, Musician, Writer and Muse. Ph.D. Neuropharmacology, UCHSC, Denver. In 1991 Engstrøm began working at the Center for Complex Systems and Brain Sciences at FAU in Boca Raton with eminent neuroscientist J. A. Scott Kelso and learning Coordination Dynamics.  From its inception applying its paradigm to anticipation~reaction transitions in human motor behavior, the scope of their work together took a surprising, fascinating departure from its original trajectory. Since about 1995, Engstrøm and Kelso have been developing a conceptual link between Coordination Dynamics and Complementary Pairs. Kelso and Engstrøm co-wrote their first book about their work, The Complementary Nature (MIT Press, 2006). Currently a sequel is in the works! Meanwhile, in 2010, Engstrøm met Croatian master artist Drazen Pavlovic online, Engstrøm taken with Pavlovic’s works, and Pavlovic resonating with ideas and concepts in  The Complementary Nature, and the two launched The Metastabilian Movement in 2011. Engstrøm is also a professional entertainer, singer, guitarist and songwriter who has played over 2000 live performances in 11 countries.