SPHERE CF (chakra~flow) oil on canvas 70x90 cm MMXVII, original oil painting with Certificate, No.52690.

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  1. David Engstrøm

    The Squiggle Sense: only chakra, only flow, either chakra or flow, both chakra and flow, chakra changing to flow, flow changing to chakra, between chakra and flow, neither chakra and flow, beyond chakra and flow…

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Drazen Pavlovic

Drazen Pavlovic

(1962-), Varazdin, Croatia. Atelier Pavlovich, Varazdin. Master painter and pioneer and co-founder of The Metastabilian Movement (see below). Chairmen of the managing board of the art association of Varazdin (LUV Varazdin), and guide of its LUV Gallery. Member Croatian Association of Artists (HDLU Zagreb). 1995-present: 33 professional and critically acclaimed solo exhibitions (eg. 'Cycles': "Vievs“, "Landscape", "Nude Act2", "Psychodelic“, "Entelechy“, "Vision", "Micro My World", "Prediction of New Trackings", and "Sphere"); 150 appearances on group exhibitions in Croatia and abroad (Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Germany, Macedonia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, USA); Founder of the famous painting colony "Julijana E Draskowich“ in Trakoscan (1989–1999) in Croatia. He took part in number of humanitarian actions and auctions and in some of them he was organizer. Awards: "Golden Palette" 2007th, government of Brcko DC BiH; "GrandPrix PaletaFest" 2008th & 2009th, Varazdin, Croatia; "First Prize of 52th GI LUV" 2010th, Varazdin, Croatia; "Emerging Artist of The Continent Europe" WAC, New Delhi, India; "Winner - First Place Contemporary" 2011th; Artscanyon Gallery, LA, US; "Art Takes Times Square" 2012th ; Artists Wanted, NYC, US; "Winner of the IVAC - category abstract" 2012, IVAC, Rockford, Ilinois, US. Since 2011, Pavlovic has worked together with the Artist~Neuroscientist David Engstrøm on a new art movement called "The Metastabilian Movement". The vision, concepts, method and criticism of this art movement are based on an appreciation, respect and inspiration for 'the complementary nature'. The philosophy of this movement is grounded in the newer science of coordination called "Coordination Dynamics", pioneered by the eminent neuroscientist J. A. Scott Kelso. Both Pavlovic and Engstrøm see an exciting opening terrain for creativity~discovery in this movement. In that spirit have both dubbed themselves "Metastabilian Artists" or "Metastabilians".