C~G, A~T, digital painting, from series, The Dialogue Of Clockmasters by David Engstrøm, 2009.
Doc Engstrøm
  • Guanine ~ Cytosine, Adenosine ~ thymine, two complementary pairs that are themselves coexistent, dynamically inextricable…complementary. In Squigglespeak, we call this a “Squiggle square”. In the case of life as we know it, the coordination dynamics of just two complementary pairs, two ‘squiggles’ is sufficient to propagate~replicate the genetic code…

  • Only Guanine, only cytosine, only adenosine, only thymine, either guanine or cytosine or adenosine or thymine, guanine and cytosine and adenosine and thymine, guanine changing to cytosine changing to adenosine changing to thymine, cytosine changing to guanine changing to thymine changing to adenosine, between guanine and cytosine and adenosine and thymine, neither guanine nor cytosine nor adenosine nor thymine, beyond guanine and cytosine and adenosine and thymine…

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    (TSS) "Sixth Sense” of The Complementary Nature, to the dynamic ‘yin~yang’ dance of inextricable complementary aspects. It is a modality present in every human nervous system. Ironically, most remain unaware, are ‘blind’ to its existence and crucial role it plays in their daily lives. The ‘Metastabilians’ seek to awaken and engage their Squiggle Sense to wield it in their life pursuits in any field, at any level of interest. Metastable brain~mind perception~action. The Squiggle Sense is a modality of ‘relative phase’—produced by and sensitive to the Coordination Dynamics. The Complementary Nature, the inextricability, complementarity of complementary pairs, the "coordinated dance" of complementary aspects. Once intentionally engaged, awareness of such inextricable dynamic complementarity is the essence of “Eureka moments”. A person that has awakened and engages their squiggle sense to be inspired by, explore, appreciate and intentionally engage the complementary nature of themselves and their world we call Metastabilian."