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Drazen Pavlovic


SPHERE metastability Q1 (brain~neuron) oil on wooden panel 45x50cm MMXIII

David Engstrøm


Only motion, only stillness, either motion or stillness, both motion and stillness, motion changing to stillness, stillness changing to motion, between motion and stillness, neither motion nor stillness, beyond motion and stillness…

Drazen Pavlovic


Only particle, only wave, either particle or wave, both particle and wave, particle changing to wave, wave changing to particle, between particle and wave, neither particle nor wave, beyond particle and wave…


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Drazen Pavlovic


SPHERE sm1 (stability~metastability), oil on canvas, 70×80 cm, 2013 by Drazen Pavlovic. For sale – $4000, original with Certificate No. 52510

Drazen Pavlovic


Only electron, only positron, either electron or positron, both electron and positron, electron changing to positron, positron changing to electron, between electron and positron, neither electron nor positron, beyond electron and positron…

Drazen Pavlovic


Only physical, only spiritual, either physical or spiritual, both physical and spiritual, physical changing to spiritual, spiritual changing to physical, between physical and spiritual, neither physical nor spiritual, beyond physical and spiritual…

David Engstrøm


Exhibition: “Carbon: Nature~Culture” exhibited at Sagene Kunstsmie (Oslo Open) this week-end April 15, 2016 The Oslo Open art festival takes place April 16-17, 2016. I exhibited my “Carbon: Nature~Culture” series at Sagene Kunstsmie. At Sagene Kunstsmie festival week-end the visual artists organized a group exhibition, with 16 open artists’ studios you to be visited (not mine). Opening hours were: Saturday + Sunday 12-18 Drøbakgt. 1, 0463 Oslo How to get there: Bus 20, 34, 37 or 54 to Sagene [the_grid name=”TMM GRID”]

Drazen Pavlovic


gravitation itself, radiation itself, either gravitation or radiation, both gravitation and radiation, gravitation changing to radiation, radiation changing to gravitation, between gravitation and radiation, neither gravitation nor radiation, beyond gravitation and radiation…

Drazen Pavlovic


SPHERE SA (science ~ art), oil on cardboard,26 x 64 cm,2016, Drazen Pavlovic. For sale.