Only gravitation, only radiation, either gravitation or radiation, both gravitation and radiation, gravitation changing to radiation, radiation changing to gravitation, between gravitation and radiation, neither gravitation nor radiation, beyond gravitation radiation… Mtsbwy!


SPHERE ID (invent~discovery), oil on canvas, 40×40 cm, 2017 by Drazen Pavlovic. 


Only gas, only water, either gas or water, both gas and water, gas changing to water, water changing to gas, between gas and water, neither gas nor water, beyond gas and water…


SPHERE MG (mass~gravity), oil on wooden board, 40×50 cm, 2016 by Drazen Pavlovic, Original oil painting, Certificate No.52684. For Sale.

The Squiggle Sense

…Only mass, only gravity, either mass or gravity, both mass and gravity, mass changing to gravity, gravity changing to mass, between mass and gravity, neither mass nor gravity, beyond mass and gravity…


SPHERE metastability Q6 (brain~mind), oil on wooden panel, 45x50cm, 2013 by Drazen Pavlovic.

TSSeyeThe Squiggle Sense

…only brain, only mind, either brain or mind, both brain and mind, brain changing to mind, mind changing to brain, between brain and mind, neither brain nor mind, beyond brain and mind… Mtsbwy!…


SPHERE BT (binding~transduction) oil on canvas 100x150cm, 2016 by Drazen Pavlovic, Original oil painting with Certificate, No.52678. For Sale.
TSSeyeThe Squiggle Sense

…only binding, only transduction, either binding or transduction, both binding and transduction, binding changing to transduction, transduction changing to binding, between binding and transduction, neither binding nor transduction, beyond binding and transduction…