SPHERE ES2 (element~system ) - oil on canvas - 60 x 40 cm - MMXV-by-Drazen Pavlovic-Certificate No. 52647-sold

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Drazen Pavlovic


SPHERE ES2 (element~system ), oil on canvas, 60 x 40 cm, MMXV by Drazen Pavlovi, Certificate No. 52647, sold.

Drazen Pavlovic


SPIRAL CHANNEL~SPHERE CD4 (gravitation~radiation), oil on canvas, 50 x 60 cm, MMXIII  by Drazen Pavlovic, Certificate No. 52583.

Drazen Pavlovic


SPHERE metastability Q4 (anticipation~reaction), oil painting on wooden panel 45x50cm by Drazen Pavlovic, MMXIII.

0002 SPHERE metastability Q6 ( brain ~ mind ) -oil on wooden panel - 45x50cm - MMXIII
Drazen Pavlovic


“SPHERE metastability Q6 (brain~mind)” – oil painting on wooden panel, 45x50cm, by Drazen Pavlovic, 2013.

Drazen Pavlovic


Only inorganic, only organic, either inorganic or organic, both inorganic and organic, inorganic changing to organic, organic changing to inorganic, between inorganic and organic, neither inorganic nor organic, beyond inorganic and organic…

Drazen Pavlovic


Only man, only god, either man or god, both man and god, man changing to god, god changing to man, between man and god, neither man nor god, beyond man and god…