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David Engstrøm

The Complementary Nature

“Why do we divide our world into contraries? Why do we perceive and interpret so many of life’s contraries as mutually exclusive, either/or dichotomies such as individual vs. collective, body vs. mind, nature vs. nurture, cooperation vs. competition? J. A. Scott Kelso and David Engstrøm contend that ubiquitous contraries are complementary and propose a comprehensive, empirically based scientific theory of how the polarized world and the world in between can be reconciled. They nominate the squiggle sign (~), as symbolic punctuation for reconciled complementary pairs, reconciliations grounded in the science of coordination called Coordination Dynamics. The book provides a methodology for this evolving theory of brain~behavior applicable to any field and level, with potential to inspire successful reconciliations within~between disparate fields.

The Metastabilian Movement

Review of TCN

The Complementary Nature ~ A Review by Olaf Sporns “The division of our world (natural and social) into distinct contraries or opposites has become almost universal practice in most fields of human endeavor and inquiry, including

The Metastabilian Movement


Only mingling, only opposition, either mingling or opposition, both mingling and opposition, mingling changing to opposition, opposition changing to mingling, between mingling and opposition, neither mingling nor opposition, beyond mingling and opposition…