The Metastabilian Movement

David Engstrøm The Metastabilian Movement Drazen Pavlovic The Squiggle Sense Complementary Pairs Coordination Dynamics Coordination Dynamics tmm-jask-button J. A. Scott Kelso The Complementary Nature creativity~imagination…


Only creativity, only imagination, either creativity or imagination, both creativity and imagination, creativity changing to imagination, imagination changing to creativity, between creativity and imagination, neither creativity nor imagination, beyond creativity and imagination…


Only physics, only metaphysics, either physics or metaphysics, both physics and metaphysics, physics changing to metaphysics, metaphysics changing to physics, between physics and metaphysics, neither physics nor metaphysics, beyond physics and metaphysics…

Complementary Pairs

0ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ 0-9 0~1 1~0 1~2 2~1 A A~T abandon~claim abandoned~occupied abase~elevate abate~intensify abbreviate~lengthen abdicate~reign abdication~accession abhor~admire aboriginal~alien abort~execute abortion~birth abound~lack abridge~expand abrogate~establish abrupt~gradual absence~lanneresence absent~present…


LKE Squiggle symbol~icon polishing muse, laquered wood, 12cm x 2cm, by David Engstøm, 2016. Meditation, zazen, hand exercizer…” THE SQUIGGLE SENSE: Only symbol, only icon, either symbol or icon, both symbol and icon, symbol changing to icon, icon changing to symbol, between symbol and icon, neither symbol nor icon, beyond symbol and icon…



SPHERE DA (departure~arrival), oil on wooden board, 39 x 54 cm, 2016 by Drazen Pavlovic, Original oil painting with Certificate No.52687. Sold.


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The Squiggle

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Only gas, only water, either gas or water, both gas and water, gas changing to water, water changing to gas, between gas and water, neither gas nor water, beyond gas and water…


The Squiggle Sense: planned only, spontaneous only, either planned or spontaneous, both planned and spontaneous, planned changing to spontaneous, spontaneous changing to planned, between planned and spontaneous, neither planned nor spontaneous, beyond planned and spontaneous…
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